Hawkins County Emergency Response Team

Don't Get None On Ya!

The Hawkins County E.R.T. was formed in May of 1995 for the purpose of responding to hazardous materials incidents and to assist with specialized rescue operations within Hawkins County Tennessee. 

The team was first organized under the direction of Bob Laeng.

We are the only all volunteer hazardous materials unit in the state of Tennessee. We are a member of the Hawkins County Fireman's Association. We are also the only organization (besides the Sheriff's dept.) to cover the entire county.


We cover from Sullivan to Grainger counties. Greene to Hamblen and from there to Hancock county line. On occasion we have been called to assist outside of Hawkins county.

This team is made up of some of the most dedicated and hard working people in this county. Ranging from firefighters to paramedics and police officers. To just everyday citizens wanting to help make a difference.


We are very proud of this team and all we've accomplished.

Once again we say. Thank you to all of our members and keep up the good work.